1999 Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass (SOLD)

It’s such a great guitar in every aspect: industry standard sound, easy peasy playability, tons of tone options and finally it’s in a nice unique colour (transparent Crimson) ! Just look at those grains!

This is the 9V Active version. It definitely cuts through the mix…

It’s in great, well looked after and serviced condition, it has a light scratch on the back and a few micro chips. Don’t worry about these, it’s a very well looked after Fender American Deluxe Active Jazz Bass that looks, plays and feels great and it’s got an amazing JAZZ BASS sound. The original Fender hard case is in beautiful condition. Also it comes with the original manual, specs etc…have a look at the pictures!

Plays great – sounds great, and with the new model Deluxe Active Jazz selling for £1600, an excellent value for a clean used model at just £960. SOLD