2000 Fender American Standard Precision Bass (SOLD)

I think this is the best looking Fender bass guitar I ever had. I love the simplicity of these Precision bass guitars and its amazing looking natural body makes it so pure but cool! Look at that body, it looks like an extra nice ONE PIECE swamp ash!! I couldn’t find any sign of the centre join.

It was born in 2000 but it’s in really exceptional condition. No dings, dents or chips. There is no buckle rush neither.

It’s got such an outstanding cut through the mix, industry standard sound. I’m not a bassist but I was playing an hour on it after I got it.

These are selling new today for £1150++. This clean one has a great setup, has a nice lively sustain, fantastic looking body, it comes with its hardcase, all the case candies, and is just £820. It’s a very good investment as it’s already 14 years old and it’s in exceptional good condition.