2000 Gibson Les Paul Standard Vintage Sunburst (SOLD)

If you want a great Gibson Les Paul Standard and a good investment too…

She is a good old Gibson Les Paul Standard from the great era before Gibson introduced the chambering, over complicated electronics, coil tapping, phase switching etc…it’s a nice and chunky, solid piece of wood with a great looking plain top! 60s neck, all original pickups and pots plus a bloody GREAT looking original Gibson hard case (the most sought after pink linen Gibson hard case). The scratch plate has been removed but it’s in the case, with the original screws.

She’s got some marks here and there but hey you need these on a vintage Gibson Les Paul! A few really small dings, wear are all present but I think it adds charm to her great look! I tried my best to show all these things but just have a look at the HD quality pictures she is still very sexy and you won’t spot these damages…
The most important thing are the frets on these guitars and there is no fret wear on it and the rosewood fret board looks just stunning! You won’t get this sort of dark grainy rosewood fretboard on a Les Paul Standard nowadays…probably they save these for the V.O.S guitars….

There are no breaks nor any electrical problems. She is a fantastic fat and heavy sounding LP. Just got all the tones you expect from a vintage style Les Paul.

The case is functional, looks, feels amazing but the combination lock is broken.

She can be yours for £1400 and she will increase her value every day…only the case is worth at least £200…SOLD

Body: 8 / 10 | Electrics: 10 / 10 | Neck: 10/10 | Case: 7 / 10