2001 Fibenare Classic (SOLD)

It’s from my personal collection. It’s a completely hand made guitar, made of premium quality parts:
– great sounding, select alder body with maple top
– amazing ebony (!!!) fretboard
– gotoh tuning keys
– extra stable floyd rose system
– Dimarzio Air Norton neck pick up
– Dimarzio Tone Zone bridge pick up

what can I say, I use this guitar heavily on stage and studio. Plenty of great memories together. I had plenty of gigs with it in Germany, Belgium and the UK…

Fibenare guitars are handmade in Hungary. Google for them 🙂 Their guitars cost £3000++++. Some models can be found on ebay.
One review can be found here

or a Rob Chappers video from NAMM here

Back plate is missing and the pots aren’t wired apart from the volume pot. Wires are there but they aren’t been used. It’s about 10 minutes job to turn the pots back on!

It’s got small marks and dings but it sounds and plays great and you can get a HAND MADE guitar, made of TOP OF THE RANGE PARTS for the price of a Chinese mass-made Ibanez, Fender or anything…
Price: £650 (!!!) for this beauty. SOLD