2003 Fender American Vintage ’52 Telecaster (SOLD)

Here comes another timeless beauty: this Fender Telecaster was made in 2003 and it’s unmistakably based on the 52 Tele model with the legendary Butterscotch finish, black pickguard and with a very comfortable maple neck. Even with small details, such as the slotted screws, you stick to the old originals.
The sound of the two “American Vintage ’52 Tele Single-Coil Pickups” are quite vintage-oriented but they are so well balanced! No harshness nothing just the classic Tele bite! The neck pickup is so warm it sounds good for jazz, that’s why a lot of jazz players (such as John Scofield) use Telecasters as well…and the bridge pickup is just twang and rock! Many legendary rock tracks were played and recorded on Telecasters…even modern heavy rock tracks like Rage Against the Machine: Killing in the name of…
As I said the pickups are amazingly balanced with just the right amount of everything:bass, middle and treble. Amazing how good these stock AVRI pickups are.

As I said the neck is just right, not a bad thing, very low action, no buzzing, fast and comfortable.

The condition of this 14 years old Fender Tele is VERY NEAR MINT. I can see one little unserious mark on it but hey these guitars look much better when they completely battered…they sound better too! These are getting better and better every year. A seriously nice piece of wood that needs to be played! The frets show almost no signs of wear. It comes with its Fender Tweed Case (in absolute mint condition), AVRI certificate and candy!

Nowadays, when the new price of a Mexican made Roadworn 50s Telecaster is more than £1K this is an excellent buy at just £1100SOLD

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American Vintage '52 Telecaster
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