2004 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (SOLD)

This is a beautiful Fender American Standard Jazz Bass in three colour sunburst, complete with bridge cover, fender case and truss rod adjustment tool. The serial number dates it to early 2004. It has the S1 Switch on the volume control to give the more punchy “precision” sound.

It’s in near mint condition, with just a couple of small marks. Otherwise in fabulous shape for a 12 year old bass. It’s strung with Rotosound 77 Flatwounds which sound great.

Nice low action, so it plays like a dream and the sound is just the absolute industry standard jazz bass sound!

The original Fender case does its job but has some surface scratches.

It hasn’t been used too much as you can see on the pics.

A new USA Jazz Bass will set you back over £1300 these days so grab this great bargain deal on £750 SOLD