2004 Fender Custom Shop 1956 Reissue Stratocaster NOS (SOLD)

Here what we have is a pristine Custom Shop 56 Reissue Stratocaster in two tone sunburst! This is such a classic reissue of a Strat in NOS format in very very near mint, new condition. Absolute zero fret wear, zero playing marks.

Premium selected alder body with a maple neck and 9.5 inch radius and the factory provided 5 way switch has been installed and the 3 way switch is in the hard case.

This ’56 has a very sought after “V” shaped neck profile that has a bit of chunk to it, great for a solid grip, David Gilmour’s favourite neck shape.

It’s got only one little mark on it: at the neck pocket which is typical (I’ve seen it on many other Strats with this old-school design where you basically need to unscrew the neck for the truss rod adjustment, these have an ultra-thin nitro finish which is very sensitive) I think this is really nothing on a 13 years old Strat and hey we are talking about a 56 Fender Strat, check the relic’ed version of this how many marks does that have 🙂 ?

So here you have it, it’s all original in better condition than any ex-display guitars at the big stores. With its original hard case, Custom Shop Certificate & Candy! Tremolo, tremolo cover have never been fitted, still has the protector on the tremolo slot…this baby has been stored away for 13 years…

You can get a new 56 Custom Shop NO for almost £3K now, or get this 13 years old nicely aged, “very near new” for just £1800 SOLD

Guys, please pop in, test it, compare it with my others, you are more than welcome! I prefer buying/selling via personal visits so you can try them live. Also you’ve got the benefit of having a nice, 100% Arabica, freshly ground coffee with me 🙂