2007 Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster NOS (SOLD)

Guys, take this guitar away from me…I kept this in my personal collection as it’s such an amazing piece. My absolute favourite Strat finish: Fiesta Red + dark rosewood fretboard…mamma mia! Gary Moore, Mark Knopfler, Chris Rea…this beauty reminds me of my heroes! But I’ve got too many guitars…and it needs a new home now!

So back to the business: these 1960s Strats have a fantastic slim C neck, 9.5 inch radius, vintage tremolo, ultra thin and nice nitro finish…the fretboard is very special one. I haven’t had this quality dark rosewood fretboard here for a while. Obviously this is light weight as it’s got a premium selected alder body and maple neck. You can feel the quality acoustically, very resonant and loud. The pickups are Custom Shop 60s, not a bad thing about these. Very bell like tone! The action is amazing, very low, and tremolo stays in tune!!!

It’s all original, very near mint condition. The only mark on it (I show it on the pictures) caused by the previous owner’s glasses. Seriously, that’s it on a 10 years old Strat. The glasses fell off from his head and slightly marked the top corner of the body. It’s got such a thin and sensitive nitro finish, everything leaves a mark on it. But that’s part of the beauty! This guitar has zero fret wear, zero playing marks or anything. It’s not been played properly. Apart from that small mark it’s in mint condition. It was a case queen definitely. A 10 years old nitro finished guitar that has been used properly doesn’t look like this 🙂 also you shouldn’t worry about tiny little marks on a 1960s Stratocaster 🙂 usually they look like the relic’ed version of this model. If you worry about marks on nitrocellulose lacquer then buy something else, as it will be cracked and marked even if you just look at it 🙂

I love this guitar very much. It’s a legendary model in the fantastic Fiesta Red nitro finish.

It comes with its Custom Shop certificate and hard case.

You won’t be disappointed with it I’m sure.

If you’re considering a Custom Shop NOS 1960s Stratocaster but don’t want to spend around £3K on a new one, here’s a guitar that’s as nice in my opinion, and an excellent value in this near mint condition at £1950 SOLD

Guys, please pop in, test it, compare it with my others, you are more than welcome! I prefer buying/selling via personal visits so you can try them live. Also you’ve got the benefit of having a nice, 100% Arabica, freshly ground coffee with me 🙂