2008 Gibson Les Paul ’59 Historic Reissue VOS (SOLD)

It’s such a wonderful guitar. A 59 Les Paul Reissue…I don’t think I need to write much about this as it’s such a well-known model. R9 from 2008 and Gibson made a loads of great amendments on 59s in this era: VOS finish with aged hardware introduced, CS begins using Plek machine used for dressing frets and cutting nut slots, Real vintage looking maple top grains/figures, Brighter back red filler color, Real honduran mahogany…these guitars are second to none in every aspect.

Check my demo video with it! It really plays and sounds as you expect from a 59! These Burstbucker pickups are phenomenal! Have a listen below!

This is a 9 years old guitar, in very very near mint condition. No chips, dents or buckle rash at all, no fret wear so it’s not been used at all!!! The only mark I’ve found on it is a 1 mm wide short mark on the edge of the headstock that was caused by the wall hanger. Check it on the picture about the headstock and on the demo video! It’s very hard to spot and I’m sure a good luthier can fix it easily.
Apart from that the guitar is a typical case queen no other marks or any kind of damages on it, as I said the zero fret wear shows that this hasn’t been played at all.

It comes with its original Gibson Custom Shop case (as clean as the guitar, no damages on it at all) and ALL CASE CANDY. Certificate, hang tags everything that the guitar came with in 2008!

If you’re looking at a new one for £4200+++, save some big bucks and get this one for just £2950.