2013 Fender Custom Shop ’62 NOS Telecaster (SOLD)

This Tele is simply stunning. It’s probably the most sought after Tele design…double bound ash body, with a wonderful sunburst nitro finish…
Look at these features: double bound, slab side ash body, indian rosewood neck, nocaster ashtray bridge, 63 Tele neck pickup (handwound and signd by Josephina), Texas special bridge pickup (handwound and signed by Abby Abigail Ybarra -> this alone is worth about £300…), 10″ board radius, mid 60’s oval c shaped quartersawn (!!!) neck, modern wiring, medium jumbo frets…

Why is the quartersawn neck so special? Here is a bit of info:
“Quartersawn is a woodworking term that describes a certain specific and non-standard method of milling lumber from trees. Quartersawn instrument necks are unusually strong, straight-grain necks superior to standard necks in almost every way. Quartersawn wood is more expensive than conventionally milled wood; guitars and basses with quartersawn necks are accordingly more expensive. Quartersawn lumber, on the other hand, is milled from logs in such a manner that the tree’s annual growth rings are perpendicular to the broad face of the boards. The resulting grain on the face of quartersawn lumber will be tight, straight, parallel lines that run the length of the board. Quartersawn wood is less susceptible to wear, shrinking, swelling in width, twisting, warping and splitting. It also provides a better paint surface—all highly desirable qualities in a guitar neck. Quartersawing a log produces no more waste than plain sawing, but it takes more time, greater skill and larger trees, all of which make quartersawn instrument necks more expensive than their much more commonplace plain-sawn counterparts.”

The 3TS nitrocellulose finish is classic, just like to original 62 Tele. You won’t find a better Custom Shop Tele I’m sure…New in 2013 from the Time Machine Series.

As you can see from the photos this comes with all the Custom Shop goodies, which like to guitar itself are unmarked. This whole package is just wonderful and ABSOLUTE MINT!

Brown G&G tolex, fur lined case with keys, Cruz tool kit, polish cloth, leather CS strap,
CS cable, picks etc…

All Documents, including obviously the Custom Shop certificate, even the shop floor traveller are present…

£2500 is a very nice price for this complete package in this ABSOLUTE MINT condition…be quick, it won’t be here for long…SOLD

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Custom Shop '62 NOS Telecaster
GBP 2500
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