2014 Gibson Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty” (SOLD)

First of all let’s start with a bit of history before I go into details about this guitar: The Gibson Les Paul first appeared in 1952 with a mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard and two P90 single coil pickups. In late 1953, a more luxurious version was introduced, most likely at the specific request of Les Paul himself, as he wanted a more luxurious and classy looking guitar. He asked for a black guitar as he wanted it to “look like a tuxedo”. The iconic Les Paul Custom was born…

Nicknamed the “Black Beauty”, the guitar had gold-plated hardware, a mahogany body and neck, mother of pearl block markers inlays in the fretboard. The “Split Diamond” inlay on the headstock was taken from the carved archtop Super 400, which was the top of the Gibson line. The frets were low and flat for maximum speed, as opposed to the usual medium jumbo frets found on other Les Pauls. As a result, the guitar soon was given the nickname “The Fretless Wonder”. In mid-1957, Gibson began to equip the Les Paul Custom with the new PAF (Patent Applied For) pickup designed by Seth Lover…

Anyway, enough of the history lesson…this is a wonderful guitar! It’s really classy, luxurious looking with the black finish and gold hardware…also the TRIPLE binding makes the contour amazing!

This is a 2014 built guitar and we all know that was a great year at Gibson Custom Shop! They built amazing guitars with second to none attention to details and this guitar represents that perfectly. You can’t find any issues at all. Perfect finish, perfect sound and playability!

The action is very low, it’s really super easy and smooth to play everywhere on the neck.

And the sound? That is HUGE! Have a look at my demo! The sounds is massive! So warm, so sweet!!!! Yes I love it so much!!!! Big sustain as well as you can imagine from a top end, Custom Shop made Les Paul!

These “Customs” are heavy guitars, these are built with none chambered, non weight relieved mahogany body, one piece mahogany neck…even from Mother-of-pearl it has triple amount….and it’s REAL Mother-of-pearl not celluloid plastic than on the Standards and cheaper models….

If you after a light weight Les Paul than buy a Standard (completely different sound though)! This it 9.8 lbs. It’s a heavy guitar. Listen to my demo with it! That extra warm sweetness is the result of the big chunk of mahogany!

It’s in MINT condition (just take a look at the pictures!), no buckle rash, only a few little playing marks. I’d say 9/10 condition. Professionally set-up so it plays beautifully. The guitar is totally original, comes with its original hard case (in MINT condition) and certificate.

I can’t imagine a better second hand example, it’s really a nice buy at £2200 (new LP Standards cost this much and this is a more luxorius Custom Shop made guitar)!! SOLD