2015 Fender Japan Telecaster 62 Reissue (MIJ) (SOLD)

I think the Japanese Reissue series doesn’t need introduction!

CHECK MY DEMO VIDEO WITH IT: https://youtu.be/Wsb9qx-Iws0

I know some musicians who prefer Japanese Reissue Strats and Teles instead of the cheaper American models (Special, Standard, Highway 1, Professional etc…). These are good quality instruments. Usually Japanese manufacturers take quality to another level…they rather commit Harakiri (Seppuku) than fail 🙂

This is a real muso’s instrument. It can be gigged, it can be loved and upgraded without too much worrying about the value loss…As a real instrument needs to be!

It has some minor playing marks, but nothing major that broke the paint. This is how a used but well looked after instrument looks like.

It’s got a very nice three tone Sunburst colour on the great looking double bounded body!

The previous owner bought 2 sets of brass saddles for it! I like this step! It makes the guitar sounding significantly better and increases the intonation as well! The originals are in the case!

The body is a very dried out, light weight alder body. It’s got rosewood fretboard. It has 2 Texas Special Tele Pickups! It comes with a Fender soft case, and it’s got a pro setup!

New Fender Mexican Teles go for around £800…this Fender Japan Tele’s is just £750. SOLD