2016 Gibson ES-335 ’63 Historic Reissue VOS (SOLD)

This is the real deal if you after a ES-335! This is a fantastic specimen and my favourite model from the ES-335 range. It’s based on the 1963 model and it’s from 2016 so has some amazing upgrades and features that weren’t available in previous years! These are closer to an original 63 ES-335 than ever before!

CHECK MY REVIEW VIDEO WITH IT: https://youtu.be/XtzoL1cOJ-A

This beauty is 4 years old. In very nice, looked after, near MINT condition. All original, no buckle rash or any serious damage. It’s clear that it hasn’t been played, maybe spent most of its time in the hard case. Zero fret wear etc… It comes with its certificate and original hard case. Check the HD pictures. It’s really a timeless beauty and a collectible ES-335.

This has great features that the “Traditional” or “Figured” models don’t have such as aniline dye, hot hide glue…

It comes with its original hard case (that has some scratches but works perfectly), certificate, inspections sheet and the original nylon saddles (that have been replaced to nickel saddles – common thing to do on these guitars, it’s easy to convert it back, no luthier needed for that 🙂 )

It’s a really nice example of a rare, ultra hard to find guitar for £2950 which is below the “normal”, “average”, “standard” non-historic current ES-335’s price. The new price for this model will be above £4K when they will be available later…at the moment these are out of stock everywhere on this planet! Don’t buy those when you can have one of these in this condition for much cheaper! SOLD