2016 Gibson ES-345 ’64 Premiere Figured (SOLD)

This is such a breathtaking guitar. It’s a limited edition model called Gibson ES-345 ’64 Premiere Figured. It has so many features that a “Standard” 335 / 345 doesn’t have:
– extra nice AAA figured maple top, back and sides
– the best Gibson semi hollow MHS pickups (Memphis Historic Spec, low turn, hand-wound version of the CustomBuckers what they put in the R series Les Pauls)
– hot hide glue neck joint
– quarter-sawn thermally engineered Adirondack spruce bracing fitted with hide glue
– ABR-1 Bridge with Titanium saddles
– Historic Truss Rod
– Split-parallelogram Inlays
– High Gloss Nitro Laqcuer…

“These are new for this year,” says Mike Voltz, director of R&D/product development at Gibson Memphis, “but all the changes are internal. We started working with thermal treating a couple of years ago – so, here, the centre block is thermally engineered.

“The bracing is quarter-sawn thermally engineered Adirondack spruce, and we adhere the braces with hot hide glue and that helps to create a guitar that’s acoustically louder, open, and with more clarity.”

These changes aside, our classic centre block thinline semi is pretty identical to the recently-reviewed ES-275, measuring 42mm at the rim, and 409mm wide ( just over 16 inches). There’s no yellow-toned top coat here, so the look is a little more contemporary.

This Limited Run of 2016 Premiere Figured ES-345s are as ear-catching as they are eye-catching. The Memphis Tone Circuit to provide a supple signal chain spanning from gritty twang to rich smoothness all in the flip of a Switch or the pop of a Tone Pot.

These guitars were sold way above £4K (don’t mix these with the 2016 ES-335 / ES-345 Figured models as those don’t have these features, the Premiere Figured models have very different much more high-end specs)…probably EU dealers still have some in stock for £4000+++…these are very hard to find ones on the second-hand market as they are so amazing, I bet all owners are very happy with them…

However, this is great opportunity for you to buy this guitar in ABSOLUTE MINT CONDITION!

It obviously comes with it’s Gibson Memphis certificate and original hard case (that is in absolute mint condition too) for £3000. SOLD