2017 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’58 Historic Reissue R8 (SOLD)

Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1958 (R8) Reissue from the Custom Shop Historic Collection. These are very very sought after guitars…R8 with plain top but BEAUTIFUL plain top! There are many boring ones outside, but this looks great! The last one we had was sold in a day…Click here and watch my demo video with it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/7ZzRceZkBrM

This is another fantastic deal: the previous owner bought this guitar at one of the major guitar stores in the UK  and he hasn’t played on it at all. This is an ABSOLUTE MINT, NEW GUITAR, WITHOUT A MARK ON IT! This is the latest 58 (R8) reissue in Iced Tea Burst. Seriously! As it’s certificate says: “it’s completely hand built by some of the finest luthiers on the planet”

They selected the best available timber: one piece, non-chambered mahogany body, amazing maple top, one piece 59 (yes 59!! all the 2016/2017/2018 R7/R8/R9 models come with 59 neck shape) style mahogany neck and a really special one piece rosewood fretboard. I’m sure if you read this, you know the specs but it comes with CustomBucker pickups, Bumblebee capacitors, Vintage Gibson Kluson tuners…

We all know that these post 2013 made Custom Shop Les Pauls are just amazing guitars. From 2016 they also used all the TRUE HISTORIC plastics from the top of the range True Historic / Collectors Choice models on these guitars!  Amazing quality, fantastic specs, great upgrades: new Custom Bucker pickups, period correct finishes, aniline dye, long neck tenon…all what we want. Plus this has the ICED TEA BURST finish which is one of the most sought after finishes!

It comes with its original Gibson Custom Shop case(in NEW condition) and ALL the original paperwork, hang tags…It has a lovely smooth one-piece rosewood fret-board, and has been professionally set up for probably the best action I’ve ever experience on an LP. You won’t believe how low the action is without buzzing, it’s so easy to play…

Yours for just £2800. Yes it’s an absolute mint 2017 R8!!! SOLD