1997 Martin D28 (SOLD)

SOLD Guys, I think this is the best acoustic guitar on the market. I know you can buy the HD series of Martin or the D35 but I was lucky enough and had many of these models, had some Taylors, Gibson acoustics etc but to be honest I think the D28 Martin is the absolute […]

2007 Taylor 110 (SOLD)

SOLD It’s a Taylor 110 acoustic guitar. Taylor is famous for the most comfortable guitar necks on the market. I’m sure you won’t be able to find a guitar with better playability and action under £500 and it’s sounds really nice too! This guitar is 9/10 condition, means that it’s absolutely mint apart of three […]

2003 Taylor 110-GB (SOLD)

SOLD A great acoustic guitar, perfect for any styles. Never gigged, only used at home. She has a few little marks here and there but nothing serious or annoying. Taylor is famous of the best playability – comfort on the market and you definitely get this on this model too. It’s got a very well […]

2013 Martin HD-28v (SOLD)

SOLD Guys, I think this is the best looking and sounding acoustic guitar I’ve ever had. This is from the Martin Vintage Series, an absolute top of the range model. It’s just looks stunning. This guitar is in ABSOLUTE BRAND NEW CONDITION, WITHOUT A MARK on it. The case is in the same condition and […]

Takamine TF250smc (SOLD)

SOLD This is a top of the range, handcrafted Takamine guitar. Made in Japan. It’s got probably the best preamp system that is available on the market (Cool Tube with a real 12AX7 valve). This is from the Takamine website: The TF250SMC Jumbo is handcrafted in our pro series facility that has been building precision […]

1976 Martin D28 (SOLD)

SOLD Yes, it was made in 1976 and it looks, plays and even smells like a new one 🙂 All original! WITHOUT the annoying modifications that lot of Martin owners do: strap holder and pick up installation! So it’s completely stock, it has been professionally set up by famous london luthier Tim Marten! Perfect action, […]

Takamine EG540SC Limited Edition Butterfly and Flowers (SOLD)

SOLD A perfect christmas present for her! It’s probably the only one in the UK! It’s a Factory Limited Edition G-Series EG540SC with ornate Abalone Butterfly and Flowers inlay. The Takamine EG540SC BF Features a full gloss NEX body shape with ornate abalone Butterfly & Flower inlay; Solid Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides; […]

2013 Breedlove Atlas Stage J350/EF (SOLD)

SOLD Guys, this guitar has so deep 3d flames I’ve never seen before especially on an acoustic guitar. It’s a great top end quality instrument! All the details are very high-end on this baby. Fantastic flames, abalone rosette with black borders….amazing inlays. Even the rosewood fretboard has such a great looking grain. I love the […]