Takamine TF250smc (SOLD)

SOLD This is a top of the range, handcrafted Takamine guitar. Made in Japan. It’s got probably the best preamp system that is available on the market (Cool Tube with a real 12AX7 valve). This is from the Takamine website: The TF250SMC Jumbo is handcrafted in our pro series facility that has been building precision […]

1976 Martin D28 (SOLD)

SOLD Yes, it was made in 1976 and it looks, plays and even smells like a new one 🙂 All original! WITHOUT the annoying modifications that lot of Martin owners do: strap holder and pick up installation! So it’s completely stock, it has been professionally set up by famous london luthier Tim Marten! Perfect action, […]

Takamine EG540SC Limited Edition Butterfly and Flowers (SOLD)

SOLD A perfect christmas present for her! It’s probably the only one in the UK! It’s a Factory Limited Edition G-Series EG540SC with ornate Abalone Butterfly and Flowers inlay. The Takamine EG540SC BF Features a full gloss NEX body shape with ornate abalone Butterfly & Flower inlay; Solid Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides; […]

2013 Breedlove Atlas Stage J350/EF (SOLD)

SOLD Guys, this guitar has so deep 3d flames I’ve never seen before especially on an acoustic guitar. It’s a great top end quality instrument! All the details are very high-end on this baby. Fantastic flames, abalone rosette with black borders….amazing inlays. Even the rosewood fretboard has such a great looking grain. I love the […]