Mesa Boogie Mark V combo + 2×12 Mesa Cab + Flight Case

What we have here is the full fat, top of the range Mesa Boogie Mark series amplifier the most famous and sought after Mark V + Mesa 2×12 Cabinet + Flight Case + Soft covers… Hand built in USA and loaded with all the famous Boogie tones: Mark I, Mark IIc+ and Mark IV… plus […]

Two Rock Studio Pro 35 + Flight Case

SOLD If you after a high headroom, John Mayer style amazing Dumble / Fender clean tone with the best reverb on the market than this is your amp! Two Rock is a real Californian boutique amp maker and this is probably the most popular Two Rock amp. This is the higher powered model (their is […]

Marshall JTM-45 + Marshall 2061CX Handwired 2×12 Cabinet (SOLD)

SOLD What an absolute industry standard half stack this is! An absolute hassle-free, plug-and-play and built like a tank amplifier this is. Legendary sound. Check some Youtube videos and try to find a bad sounding one 🙂 The handwired 2061CX cabinet is the most popular and definitely the best sounding cabinet from the current Marshall […]

Friedman Dirty Shirley 40 (SOLD)

SOLD I tell you what: I’ve never heard and read better reviews about any other amps in the last 10 years. This is an absolute killer hand-wired boutique amp. I think it’s the best Marshall JTM-45 (Marshall Blues Breaker) clone ever built. It has all those modern touches that make an amp perfectly useable in […]

Fender ’59 Bassman Limited Edition Tweed (SOLD)

SOLD What a legendary amp! I’m sure you know this 🙂 it’s 45W of pure, vintage, clean and punchy guitar sound champion! 4×10 Jensen Alnico speakers…very adult 6L6 tubes, valve rectifier (unlike the Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb so this has a warmer sound) It’s not as heavy as Fender Twin, has an extremely wide […]

Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb Head (SOLD)

SOLD Classic look, legendary warm-clean sound perfect for gigs and studio work! This is the remarkable “blackface” Fender amp that has been used on tons of famous recordings from Memphis to Abbey road! A perfect amplifier which was designed for touring and studio work. It’s got a very warm and vintage sound with a fantastic […]

Mesa Boogie Mark V + 2×12 Cabinet (SOLD)

SOLD Well, this is the top of the Mark range at Mesa Boogie. The absolute flagship model. Hand built in California. Loaded with the most famous Boogie tones…Mark I, Mark IIc+ and Mark IV…all sound better than the original vintage amps…everything is switchable, tweak-able. Obviously, it has the best clean tones, overdrive tones and spring […]

Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD Here is a serious piece of TONE history! What this amp has is the combination of industry standard LOUD CLEAN sound, probably the biggest HEADROOM ever and the best REVERB on the market! This is the Black Face Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Reissue. Fender amp fanatics state that these are the best Twin Reverb […]

VOX AC30 HWH Handwired (SOLD)

SOLD Here what we have is a point-to-point hand wired Vox AC30HWH head. This is currently the top of the range model from VOX. A legendary amp, legendary sound and look. This latest design is the most reliable AC30 ever. It’s built like a tank, even the most critical old-school VOX fans can confirm that […]

Vox AC-30 HW2X Hand wired – blue alnico (SOLD)

SOLD This is the top of the range VOX AC-30! Completely point-to-point hand wired, no PCB what so ever! Loaded with the legendary and most sought after Vox Blue Alnico speakers, these speakers are so hard to find and sounds so beautiful, they fill the room amazingly! What else should I say? Even the most […]