Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 half stack (SOLD)

SOLDThe latest Mesa Boogie masterpiece! What a great amp this is! It’s a Mark 1 reincarnation. It’s a vintage sounding amplifier with an ultra transparent effects loop and valve driven reverb. It sounds, looks and most importantly feels great!!! Check my demo videos with it: It has 2 completely independent channel, so it’s very versatile! […]

Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 (SOLD)

SOLDThis is the newer model, the 5:50, features a duet of 6L6 power tubes! This combo features Mesa’s Duo-Class power switching circuit. The switching circuit allows the player to choose between Class A/B at 50 watts or Class A at five watts. “When the amplifier is in Class A mode, it is being pushed much […]

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo 100 (SOLD)

SOLDHere comes another amp that needs no introduction. This amp defined and still defines the sound of modern / heavy rock music however it’s much more versatile than you think! It has a beautiful clean channel with a massive headroom and great feel due to it’s valve rectification! It’s an absolute Fender Super Reverb quality […]

Marshall JTM45 2245 + flight case (SOLD)

SOLDWhat an absolute industry standard Blues / Rock machine this is! An absolute hassle-free, plug-and-play and built like a tank amp this is. Legendary sound. Check some Youtube videos and try to find a bad sounding one 🙂 The head is in absolute MINT condition, it was built in 2017 and lived its life in […]

Fender ’65 Reissue Twin Reverb Limited Edition (SOLD)

SOLDA piece of history, industry standard clean sound and a valve driven reverb to die for! This is the Black Face Fender Twin Reverb, also a limited edition (FSR = Factory special run) model as the sticker shows it on the back panel. Check my demo videos with this beauty! The guitars on these videos […]

Two Rock Sensor 50 (SOLD)

SOLDIf you after a high headroom, John Mayer style amazing Dumble / Fender clean tone with the best FX loop on the market than this is your amp! Two Rock is a real Californian boutique amp maker and this is their take on a cascading gain stage amp design!  This is the higher powered model […]

Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 Reissue Tweed Limited Edition (SOLD)

SOLDThis Amp is billed by Fender as “The Club Master…For Rock, Country or Blues players that want a lower Wattage amp they can turn all the way up, and dig down deep into the power amp”. I must confess that I am a fan of Blackface era Fender amps. I love the look as well […]

Fender ’57 Bandmaster (SOLD)

SOLDNow this is something really special! Something that doesn’t come up too often on the second hand market! A wonderful 3 x 10″ Bandmaster! This is a Fender Custom Shop made ALL HANDWIRED beauty! It’s from Fender’s prestigious Custom Series amplifiers. Very classic, legendary 5E7 circuit, completely handwired, 6L6 valves, 5AR4 valve rectification, 3 x […]

Fender ’59 Bassman Limited Edition Tweed (SOLD)

SOLDWhat a legendary amp! I’m sure you know this 🙂 it’s 45W of pure, vintage, clean and punchy guitar sound champion! 4×10 Jensen Alnico speakers…very adult 6L6 tubes, valve rectifier (unlike the Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb so this has a warmer sound) CHECK MY DEMO VIDEO WITH IT, CLICK HERE: It’s not as heavy […]

Mesa Boogie Mark V + Mesa Boogie 1×12 Cabinet (SOLD)

SOLD This was my own personal amp for a while and I loved every bits of it. However my new music project needed a more specific amp (a Mesa Boogie King Snake) and unfortunately I can’t afford to keep both of them…I always look after my gear, these are my babies. So the head was […]