Mesa Boogie Mark V + Mesa Boogie 1×12 Cabinet (SOLD)

SOLD This was my own personal amp for a while and I loved every bits of it. However my new music project needed a more specific amp (a Mesa Boogie King Snake) and unfortunately I can’t afford to keep both of them…I always look after my gear, these are my babies. So the head was […]

Fender Twin Reverb ’65 “Blackface” Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD I think this amp needs no introduction. It’s a “Blackface” Fender Twin…an absolute industry standard clean guitar sound machine. 4 X 6l6 power valves, great sounding reverb and vibrato…It’s been used by so many artists all over the world. My favourite Twin Reverb sound is by Eric Johnson! His famous songs and albums are […]

Friedman Buxom Betty Combo (SOLD)

SOLD SRV tones on steroids! This a single channel, 50w handwired boutique amp! This is one of the first editions with 6L6 valves! So it’s more like an upgraded Super Reverb than a Marshall Blues Breaker. This is a wonderful amp. Seriously. Dave Friedman’s Buxom Betty brings together British and American tone in one great […]

Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Reissue

SOLD Here is a serious piece of TONE history! What this amp has is the combination of industry standard LOUD CLEAN sound, probably the biggest HEADROOM ever and the best REVERB on the market! This is the Black Face Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Reissue. Fender amp fanatics state that these are the best Twin Reverb […]

Fender ’68 Vibrolux Reverb Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD The Fender Vibrolux Reverb is somewhere between the Deluxe Reverb (22W) and the Fender Twin Reverb (80W). If the Fender Twin is too big for you (like for the 99% of the guitar players) than this is the best solution and I tell you why: first of all it has 6L6 valves like the […]

Mesa Boogie Mark V + Mesa Boogie 1×12 Cabinet (SOLD)

SOLD Now this is a lot of gear for the money! A very professional package in IMMACULATE condition! The amp, the cab and even the covers are very serious quality and all are in IMMACULATE condition! Look at the pictures, even the foot switch is in UNMARKED condition! CHECK MY DEMO VIDEO WITH IT BELOW! […]

Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 Reissue Wine Red Limited Edition (SOLD)

SOLD This Amp is billed by Fender as “The Club Master…For Rock, Country or Blues players that want a lower Wattage amp they can turn all the way up, and dig down deep into the power amp”. I must confess that I am a fan of Blackface era Fender amps. I love the look as […]

Matchless Independence 35 + Matchless 2×12 cabinet (SOLD)

SOLD This is an ultra rare, very cool Matchless rig! This brand is the daddy of the boutique guitar amp market. This small American company always build their amps with the absolute highest specs! These are real point-to-point amplifiers, they use the best sounding, military grades components. This is a 3 channel EL34 based head. […]

Mesa Boogie Mark V + Mesa Boogie 1×12 Wide Body Cabinet (SOLD)

SOLD Now this is a lot of gear for the money! A very professional package, the amp, the cab and even the covers are very serious quality! It’s a real boutique amp: the very famous and sought after “full-fat” Mark V. Hand built in USA. It’s loaded with the most famous Boogie tones: Mark I, […]

Fender Custom Princeton Reverb FSR Black & Blue Limited Edition (SOLD)

SOLD Look at this little beauty! An industry standard studio amp! Fender Princeton amps are absolutely legendary. Now this has some fantastic upgrades as well! First of all it has a 12 inch Celestion Blue Alnico speaker and if you know the only weak point of Princeton amps than you will appreciate this upgrade a […]