Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD Here is a serious piece of TONE history! What this amp has is the combination of industry standard LOUD CLEAN sound, probably the biggest HEADROOM ever and the best REVERB on the market! This is the Black Face Fender ’65 Twin Reverb Reissue. Fender amp fanatics state that these are the best Twin Reverb […]

VOX AC30 HWH Handwired (SOLD)

SOLD Here what we have is a point-to-point hand wired Vox AC30HWH head. This is currently the top of the range model from VOX. A legendary amp, legendary sound and look. This latest design is the most reliable AC30 ever. It’s built like a tank, even the most critical old-school VOX fans can confirm that […]

Vox AC-30 HW2X Hand wired – blue alnico (SOLD)

SOLD This is the top of the range VOX AC-30! Completely point-to-point hand wired, no PCB what so ever! Loaded with the legendary and most sought after Vox Blue Alnico speakers, these speakers are so hard to find and sounds so beautiful, they fill the room amazingly! What else should I say? Even the most […]

Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker 2×12 Combo (SOLD)

SOLD Here comes Mr Big Daddy 🙂 look at this bad boy! A piece of rock/blues history! A Marshall BluesBreaker amp! According to the most widely accepted story, Eric Clapton wanted an amp that would fit in the boot of his car, so he asked Jim Marshall (whose store in London he frequented) to make […]

Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD This Amp is billed by Fender as “The Club Master…For Rock, Country or Blues players that want a lower Wattage amp they can turn all the way up, and dig down deep into the power amp”. I must confess that I am a fan of Blackface era Fender amps. I love the look as […]

Fender Blues Junior III (SOLD)

SOLD Hey check this great little Fender valve combo! A typical grab-and-go little amp. 15W all valve, very very warm sounding, EL84 driven combo this is. This is little beauty is in ABSOLUTE MINT, NEW CONDITION. There is not a single mark on it and it’s not been used. The Blues Junior III is a […]

Friedman Dirty Shirley 40 (SOLD)

SOLD I tell you what: I’ve never heard and read better reviews about any other amps in the last 10 years. This is an absolute killer hand-wired boutique amp. I think it’s the best Marshall JTM-45 (Marshall Blues Breaker) clone ever built. It has all those modern touches that make an amp perfectly useable in […]

Friedman Small Box 50 Combo (SOLD)

SOLD Here is a very very popular, critically well-acclaimed (amazing reviews everywhere) boutique amp: Friedman Smallbox, a 50 Watt combo designed for classic (Marshall stlye) rock tones, combined with a little modern high-gain flavour and great features that the old amps didn’t have like very transparent effects loop and amazingly designed Master Volume section so […]

Mesa Boogie Mark V (SOLD)

SOLD Here you go, another amazing amp: the very famous and sought after “full-fat” Mark V. Hand built in USA. It’s loaded with the most famous Boogie tones: Mark I, Mark IIc+ and Mark IV… plus Fender Tweed and Lonestar clean, Vox AC30 style crunch, Marshall plexi style crunch and Mesa Recto metal tones. And […]

Marshall JTM-45 + Marshall 2061CX Handwired 2×12 Cabinet + Palmer PDI06 MkII attenuator (SOLD)

SOLD What an absolute industry standard half stack this is! An absolute hassle-free, plug-and-play and built like a tank amplifier this is. Legendary sound. t’s very hard to dial a bad tone in to it! Check some Youtube videos and try to find a bad sounding one 🙂 The handwired 2061CX cabinet is the most […]