VOX AC30hwh Handwired (SOLD)

SOLD Here what we have is a point-to-point hand wired Vox AC30HWH head. This is currently the top of the range model from VOX. A legendary amp, legendary sound and look. This latest design is the most reliable AC30 ever. It’s built like a tank, even the most critical old-school VOX fans can confirm that […]

Mesa Boogie Mark V + Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2X12 Cabinet (SOLD)

SOLD Well, this is the top of the Mark range at Mesa Boogie. The absolute flagship model. Hand built in California. Loaded with the most famous Boogie tones…Mark I, Mark IIc+ and Mark IV…all sound better than the original vintage amps…everything is switchable, tweak-able. Obviously, it has the best clean tones, overdrive tones and spring […]

Marshall 1959HW (SOLD)

SOLD Here comes Mr Big Daddy! A 100W Super Lead Marshall “Plexi”! The top of the range hand wired version 🙂 well, I hope I don’t have to write too much about it as this DEFINED the sound of rock music. You can hear the sound of a Marshall Plexi from COUNTLESS amount of legendary […]

Fender Custom Shop Vibro King (SOLD)

SOLD Here comes the KING of all (Fender) amplifiers! Fender Custom Shop Vibro King. What can I say? It’s the top of its class, a point-to-point hand wired amp, no pcb what so ever. It was built by the Fender Custom Shop amp department and in my opinion you can’t get a better clean amp […]

Fender ’65 Twin Reverb 50th Anniversary Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD A piece of history, industry standard clean sound and a reverb to die for! This is the Black Face Fender ’65 Twin Reverb, also a 50th anniversary model as the sticker shows it on the back panel. Many people in many geeky Fender forums state that these were the best reissue amps that Fender […]

Mesa Boogie Mark V combo (SOLD)

SOLD Here is a used but extremely well looked after, top of the range Mesa Boogie Mark V combo for sale. It’s fully loaded with amazing sounds. It’s like buying a proper amplifier collection. It’s got 3 channels and 3 modes per channels. What I really like about this amp is the sounds are probably […]

Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne (SOLD)

SOLD Here is another high end, boutique Mesa Boogie guitar amp! It’s called the Electra Dyne and it’s a very interesting amp. What a piece of art this amp is. They simplified the controls the down to the minimal and somehow they achieved that all 3 modes are in balance volume wise. The clean is […]

Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic (SOLD)

SOLD This is a huge sounding, critically well acclaimed amp: 100W (scalable down to 50W and 10W), all valve, hand built in California. It’s got 2 channels: the clean is the best Mesa Boogie clean sound ever, it’s based on the best black face Fender Twin Reverbs. It’s just simple amazing, and the drive channel […]

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III Limited Edition Emerald Green (SOLD)

SOLD Special limited edition version of Fender’s popular Hot Rod Deluxe III amplifier (limited to 800 pieces). Features “British Emerald” covering, ivory colored control knobs, Cyber twin SE grille cloth, a Celestion Vintage 30 12″ speaker and a limited edition badge. All tube 40 watts, three selectable channels (normal, drive, and more drive), reverb, effects […]

Fender 65 Princeton Reverb Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD Another legendary amp here at Rolly’s Guitars! A Fender Princeton! This model was used on countless amount of great recordings! My favourite ones are the early Larry Carlton, Steely Dan, George Benson albums! What a great, vintage sounding clean tone from this beauty! The Jensen speaker is something special in these amps. I like […]