Fibenare Globe Bass (SOLD)

SOLD Folks, here comes something really special! Something that is ultra hard to find and something that could make you very proud to have. This is a truly hand made, master built bass guitar, made of the absolute best tonewoods that are available and every little detail on this beauty tells you the amount of […]

2013 Fender American Standard Jazz V (SOLD)

SOLD This is the industry standard bass guitar! A 5 string American Standard Fender Jazz Bass 5 in a fantastic colour called: Mystic red. This guitar looks amazing! This pearloid deep red finish, the rosewood fretboard and the big tuners all look great! I think this guitar looks cool on stage when the lights emphasise […]

2004 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (SOLD)

SOLD This is a beautiful Fender American Standard Jazz Bass in three colour sunburst, complete with bridge cover, fender case and truss rod adjustment tool. The serial number dates it to early 2004. It has the S1 Switch on the volume control to give the more punchy “precision” sound. It’s in near mint condition, with […]

2002 Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass (SOLD)

SOLD What I have here is a 2002 made Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass in a great colour: Aged Cherry Sunburst. These are very sought after, high end instruments. The Deluxe line has some great features that are not available on the Standard range. For instance: noiseless pickups, beautiful abalone inlays, easy access neck heel, […]

2011 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (SOLD)

SOLD Here comes an industry standard bass guitar! You simply can’t go wrong with an USA Standard Fender Jazz Bass! Especially in the most sought after sunburst colour with a nice tortoise scratch plate. Don’t mix this with the cheaper American Series or Highway 1 range. This is the big daddy: the USA Standard model. […]

2009 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass Sunburst (SOLD)

SOLD She is an extra sexy Fender Jazz Bass 4 string Standard USA. She has a few minor dents and scratches, nothing fake like the custom shop relic and road-worn series, all these are authentic wear and tear from professional usage. She has been upgraded with the industry standard Seymour Duncan Bassline pick ups . […]

2012 Fender Select Jazz Bass Amber Burst Rosewood (SOLD)

SOLD An absolute breathtaking, industry standard bass guitar. End of the line series, one below of Custom Shop, higher quality (more hand made parts and selected, premium woods) than the American Deluxe, Vintage and obviously Standard range. It’s completely BRAND NEW, 100% UNPLAYED and comes with the original packaging and case candy too. Still have […]

2000 Fender American Standard Precision Bass (SOLD)

SOLD I think this is the best looking Fender bass guitar I ever had. I love the simplicity of these Precision bass guitars and its amazing looking natural body makes it so pure but cool! Look at that body, it looks like an extra nice ONE PIECE swamp ash!! I couldn’t find any sign of […]

Music Man Stingray (SOLD)

SOLD I bet this brand needs no introduction to you guitar fans! Ernie Ball Music Man build industry standard, high-end guitars, basses, amps and strings for more than 50 years. They built up their amazing reputation and you can see these instruments used by tons of professionals from wide range of genres. Music Man Stingray […]

1999 Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass (SOLD)

SOLD It’s such a great guitar in every aspect: industry standard sound, easy peasy playability, tons of tone options and finally it’s in a nice unique colour (transparent Crimson) ! Just look at those grains! This is the 9V Active version. It definitely cuts through the mix… It’s in great, well looked after and serviced […]