Instant, fast, cheap, low-quality, mass made, processed and unhealthy…

How many times have you heard these words? Probably not enough times! We are in the era of low quality, unhealthy, mass produced stuffs…lack of uniqueness…and it’s your fault too! If you don’t think about what to consume, what to take in then you will be fed with instant, fast, very damaging, mass produced unhealthy […]

Youtube vs Pornhub…

This says a lot about the world we live in:I’ve got about 200 videos on my Youtube channel and the number of hours people spend watching my videos (watch time) is about 6 hours per day. I earn peanuts with it. It’s just guitar playing…nothing special…However, if I had 200 videos with 6 hours watch […]

If you want to become a champion than train (practice) hard like a champion.

It’s simple. It’s true for everything, not just for guitar playing. For sport, for art, for everything…If you only practice (or train) once a week or twice or three times than don’t think or dream about becoming a champion…and most importantly don’t talk about your fake goal! It’s really misleading. Talking, dreaming about becoming an […]

A few hours of practicing makes a bigger impact on your guitar’s sound than changing the pickups or buying a new guitar…

Here comes the lesson that I’ve just realised in the last few days after a serious amount of practicing every day (about 3 hours a day) in the last few months: my fantastic guitar and amp never gonna bend the notes correctly! It’s never gonna make my vibrato sounding soulful! So this is my advice […]

There is nothing wrong with having only a cheap guitar…

There is nothing wrong with having only a cheap guitar…or an expensive one…or a really collectible very expensive one…there is nothing wrong with having beginner guitar or a pro quality one…or having only ONE guitar or a massive COLLECTION…and the same with amps as well… But there is a problem if you spend more time […]

Why originality is dead?

This is my conversation with a very talented young drummer who lives nearby and I asked him about his future plans in music. It just proves why originality is dead…why don’t we have tons of great, unique and original artists like in the 70s, 80s, 90s…here comes the shocking reality: “I am playing with a […]

With music we definitely are in the worst era ever…

With music we definitely are in the worst era ever…listen to those songs on the charts currently…absolute the lowest quality, cheap sounding shit…and all sounds exactly the same 🙂 exactly the same cheap electronic drum sounds. There is not even a proper acoustic snare drum or hi hats…just bloody clapping…even the claps sound the same…At […]

No phone? Just enjoying good music, food and beer…

We had a gig on Saturday in a very busy bar in Stone (Staffordshire). Seriously that place was full. Now there was one guy, a very weird guy who scared the hell out of me…I was keeping my eyes on him constantly as something was very strange and scary: this lad was just sitting there, […]

Music is not a race

Music is not a race, it’s not a competition, there are no better or bests. It’s not for winning trophies, competions or TV Shows. Playing faster than the other musician is an absolute pointless goal. Same as singing better. As there is no such things as better/best/faster etc in art. Comparing musicians, bands or singers […]

John Mayer and PRS reinvented the wheel

Oh no I hoped it’s never gonna happen but hey we will get it…on Monday…John Mayer and PRS reinvented the wheel and will come out a “new” guitar which is basically a Strat with a PRS headstock and bird inlays…just another massive money making, bullshit marketing driven cooperation… Mr JM and Mr PRS have been […]