No phone? Just enjoying good music, food and beer…

We had a gig on Saturday in a very busy bar in Stone (Staffordshire). Seriously that place was full. Now there was one guy, a very weird guy who scared the hell out of me…I was keeping my eyes on him constantly as something was very strange and scary: this lad was just sitting there, […]

Music is not a race

Music is not a race, it’s not a competition, there are no better or bests. It’s not for winning trophies, competions or TV Shows. Playing faster than the other musician is an absolute pointless goal. Same as singing better. As there is no such things as better/best/faster etc in art. Comparing musicians, bands or singers […]

John Mayer and PRS reinvented the wheel

Oh no I hoped it’s never gonna happen but hey we will get it…on Monday…John Mayer and PRS reinvented the wheel and will come out a “new” guitar which is basically a Strat with a PRS headstock and bird inlays…just another massive money making, bullshit marketing driven cooperation… Mr JM and Mr PRS have been […]

Gibson Guitars is on the edge of bankruptcy…

I’ve had so many Gibson guitars in the last 5 years. From LPs to SGs and probably all the ES models. There were some really special ones, there were some “not-too-good” ones but hey it’s the same with every other mass made (approx 300-400 guitars a day) products. But there weren’t any which were completely […]

10 years can make a huge quality difference…

10 years can make a huge quality difference…well I’d rather say it’s a serious quality loss when it comes to POP music. I’m sorry to say but POP music is getting worse and worse…nowadays it’s unlistenable for a musician…check this out: first of all there’s less and less live instruments and musicanship in it (well, […]