2019 Gibson Custom Shop 60th Anniversary ’59 Historic Les Paul (SOLD)

SOLDWith bleeding heart…I bought and (carefully selected) this guitar for myself and now I have to let it go…but hey I’m going to spend the money on a mini-bus (van) for my band! At least it will go for a good cause and I have so many beautiful guitars in my personal collection anyway…my band […]

2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus (SOLD)

SOLDHere what I have is a Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus! She is definitely a great sounding and fantastic looking (bit road worn) LP Standard…and the most important: she’s got all the tones that you expect from a well played Les Paul. Check my LONG REVIEW VIDEO with it:https://youtu.be/qIJ-VxzUAsk Some people pay £2K extra for […]

2017 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’59 Historic Reissue R9 (SOLD)

SOLDWe have another Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1959 (R9) Reissue from the Custom Shop Historic Collection. As it’s certificate says: “it’s completely hand built by some of the finest luthiers on the planet” First of all check my demo video with this beauty on Youtube:https://youtu.be/WB6rupRukZg This has a very sought after finish called Dirty […]

2017 Fender American Professional Telecaster (SOLD)

SOLDI’m pleased to offer this beautiful Fender Telecaster with a Candy Apple Red finish, part of the American Professional series. I think this is the best colour in the range! It looks bloody awesome from every angle! This has the new Tim Shaw pickups and it really does sound great, CHECK MY DEMO VIDEOS WITH […]

2015 Fender Custom Shop ’59 NOS Stratocaster (SOLD)

SOLDGUITARGUITAR, in collaboration with the Fender Custom Shop, have joined forces to design and build a limited edition offering of superlative Stratocasters – the Fender Custom Shop GUITARGUITAR Dealer Select 1959 Stratocaster. They are specifically tailored to the guitarist who is looking to combine vintage appearances with modern playability and features. Limited to only 59 […]

2017 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1958 Reissue VOS R8 (SOLD)

SOLDHere comes Mr Big Daddy. Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1958 (R8) Reissue from the Historic Collection. In the very classic Cherry Sunburst finish with a beautiful plain top. VOS finish. This is the real deal. It’s built by some of the finest luthiers on the planet at Gibson Custom Shop. They selected the best […]

2018 Gibson Custom Shop ’57 Les Paul Goldtop VOS Darkback

Here comes the daddy! Now this is a serious guitar. It’s not a joke. It’s a massive chunk of wood! This the latest “Darkback” 2018 model R7 Goldtop. A lot of guitar! In every aspect! CHECK MY DEMO VIDEOS WITH IT: https://youtu.be/gVh_nTxVRIAhttps://youtu.be/1hu2TJjntHMhttps://youtu.be/oGFI1GbTX_U One piece premium quality mahogany body, hide glued maple top on it, one […]

2018 Fender Custom Shop 60s Stratocaster NOS (SOLD)

SOLDWhat a beauty! Look at the Olympic white (vintage white), premium selected ash body with that tortoiseshell pickguard, ultra dark, beautiful rosewood fretboard, the mother of pearl style tuning key buttons and Sperzel tuners…handwound 60s pickups…seriously what else would we need? This beauty is a matching pair with my Fender Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Twin […]

2019 Gibson Les Paul Traditional (SOLD)

SOLDFor years we all have paying to the Gibson Custom Shop for Les Paul 58 (R8) Reissues that have many of the same features found on these new 2019 Gibson Les Paul Traditional series guitars. CHECK MY DEMO VIDEO WITH IT: https://youtu.be/OQnzbrEUza8 Gibson finally listened to the guitarist community and have came out with this […]

2016 Fender American Professional Stratocaster (SOLD)

SOLDThe most recent and without a shadow of a doubt the greatest version of the American Standard, with some amazing upgrades over the previous versions. CHECK MY DEMO VIDEO WITH IT HERE: https://youtu.be/bUzUQWCoBmo First of all the pickups were developed by pickup guru Tim Shaw: these are voiced specifically for each position. They now call […]