2014 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’59 Historic Reissue R9 VOS

Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1959 (R9) Reissue from the Custom Shop Historic Collection. These are very very sought after guitars…the last one we had was sold in a day…This is another fantastic deal: a 4 years old R9 in ABSOLUTE MINT condition. Seriously! This doesn’t have any chips, dents or buckle rash. Absolute zero […]

2014 PRS Custom 24 Artist Package

Guys, this is seriously a breathtaking beauty! Usually all the PRS guitars are so beautiful but these ones with the Artist package are really really specials! Just look at that top and neck! It’s just amazing. This finish is called Burnt Maple Leaf… PRS Custom 24 guitars are the most sought after guitars from the […]

2013 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster

This is a beautiful American Deluxe Telecaster from 2013 in very near mint condition. It was bought 5 years ago and it’s been in its case most of the time…It’s just got a new set of strings, a complete setup it’s bloody amazing now! So low action without buzzing. Great twangy twangy Tele sound! What […]

2012 PRS Custom 24 Experience Limited Edition Artist Top Autumn Sky

I think she is the best looking guitar I’ve ever had here at Rolly’s Guitars! You are looking at a 2012 PRS Custom 24 Experience Limited Edition in Autumn Sky with Artist Grade Top and Neck…she seriously has a KILLER Artist grade top (way above 10 TOP), Abalone/MOP birds fret inlays, a breathtakingly beautiful flamed […]

2016 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul ’58 Historic Reissue VOS (SOLD)

SOLD It’s such a wonderful 58 Les Paul Reissue…in the classic “Cherry Burst” colour (actually, all these colours were upgraded in 2013, these are more accurate than ever!) I don’t think I need to write much about this as it’s such a well-known model. This is the latest R8 model. It’s from 2016 with all […]

2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

SOLD Well what can I say? It’s a fantastic 2016 Gibson LP Standard. This is one of my favourite finishes called Tea Burst!…what a beauty! Look at that fantastic top! Also the specs on these 2016 Standard series are second to none. With all the features that “modern” LP players like and without the hated […]

2017 Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Stratocaster Lush Closet Classic (SOLD)

SOLD Look at that amazing finish: Firemist Gold with very very light (lush) closet classic ageing…For me this was the first thing I’ve noticed when I opened the case! This is the latest magic from Fender Custom Shop! A new ageing process that makes the guitar a bit older looking but there’s nothing dramatic here. […]

2012 Fender Custom Shop ’55 Reissue NOS Stratocaster (SOLD)

SOLD I think Ronnie Wood, Buddy Holly or Eric Johnson would be happy with this guitar 🙂 just to name a few who played on a Strat like this…well, this is a 1955 Reissue but it has some clever features that makes it more playable and enjoyable such as: 9.5” radius, jumbo frets, 5 way […]

2015 Fender Custom Shop Postmodern NOS Stratocaster (SOLD)

SOLD What a breathtaking ultra flamed neck that is! And what about that 3 tone sunburst finish? And the specs: it was manufactured in late 2015 but has the 2016 spec which is really the best selection that you can get! The flame on both sides of the neck is ridiculous – it has that […]

2016 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1958 Historic Reissue VOS R8 (SOLD)

SOLD I think this model needs no introduction. A legendary guitar from a fantastic year! This has the Mark Knopfler Gibson look and feel 🙂 These 2016 R8s are amazing! The tops are very very figured, almost like an R9, the neck is nice and chunky but not as chunky as the R7, ultra low […]