2014 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Ocean Water Perimeter (SOLD)

SOLD Serious guitar porn is coming here! This Les Paul is breathtakingly beautiful. I stepped two steps back, and said “f@ckin hell” when I opened the case. Really. This colour, this finish is an absolute head turner plus the new Gibson guitar’s vanilla smell OMG! I’ve had so many LPs in the past but this […]

2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

SOLD Here you go Les Paul fans! Check her out! She is from 2006 (really good era!!), she’s got a ONE PIECE, NON-CHAMBERED, very grainy (bit of quilt) mahogany body, 60s neck, Burstbucker 1-2 pickups! Lovely rosewood fretboard, great pick ups and AMAZING FLAMES. You can’t go wrong with her. Look at those lovely flames, […]

2002 Gibson SG Standard (SOLD)

SOLD I haven’t had one of these in this nice deep Cherry in a while and this one’s a killer player, with some moderate honest flaws on it. Nothing horrible, just some little dings and scratches. Hey it’s a 13 years old rock guitar! It doesn’t have buckle rush on the back though and the […]

2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

SOLD Here is the real deal Buddies! 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard with the following features that you won’t get with the overcomplicated new ones: – ONE PIECE MAHOGANY BODY, nowadays this is only available on the Historic Reissue models, and also it looks bloody amazing! I’ve got a brand new 2014 model here and […]

2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Cherry Burst (SOLD)

SOLD Hey look at this lovely LP Traditional! It’s an extra clean example! It still SMELLS new! It hasn’t been used much, I bet it was a bedroom guitar. It’s got one tiny little mark on the back, apart from this it’s MINT. Well as I mentioned in my other ads: I love the Traditional […]

1994 Gibson SG Standard (SOLD)

SOLD Now she is a typical example of a case queen guitar. She is a 21(!!!) years old Gibson SG Standard and I bet she spent most of her life in her case. Even the metal parts haven’t started tarnishing yet, usually it happens after 3-5 years. So she is a great example of a […]

2014 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus (SOLD)

SOLD It’s proper guitar PORN. XXX. Only 18+…Guys this is the best looking Gibson Les Paul Standard I’ve ever had here at Rolly’s Guitars and I’ve got so many in the last few years… An absolute breathtaking AAAAA+ flame maple top! This is a 2014 LP Standard Plus model WITHOUT the bloody MINI E-TUNE that […]

2009 Gibson Les Paul 1957 Goldtop Custom Shop Reissue R7 (SOLD)

SOLD Collector owned since new and in amazing condition. If you’re looking for a classic American guitar it’s hard to beat an R7 Goldtop. The superb playability, and classic tone makes it the premier guitar for Blues, Southern Rock, and Hard Rock. The ’57 Goldtop is significant mainly because it marked the introduction of Seth […]

2008 Gibson Custom Shop ES-137C (SOLD)

SOLD Here’s an amazing, classy real archtop loaded with features both cosmetic and functional to give you a guitar that can do way more than just Jazz and Blues: an absolute NEW CONDITION 2008 Gibson Custom Shop ES-137 with a beautiful Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish on a curly maple body! This is a real time […]

2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Light Burst (SOLD)

SOLD Look at that AMAZING top Ladies and Gents! It’s very hard to find one of these 🙂 nice fat 3d flames! It’s a LP Standard PLUS model from 2006, and the latest PLUS models don’t have this quality flames… So this is a gorgeous Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus in Light burst finish. It […]