2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Tobacco Burst (SOLD)

SOLD Gibson Les Paul Standard in great colour: Tobacco Burst, from a great period before Gibson started producing these guitars with the useless, overcomplicated electronics, swiss cheese chambering, mini e-tune system etc, and the most important this guitar has a ONE PIECE MAHOGANY body! Usually these are available on the Reissue models and charge you […]

2003 Gibson Les Paul Standard Honey Burst (SOLD)

SOLD Look at this gorgeous honey-boney! She is a very attractive LP Standard from a great era! The 2002-2008 era of Gibson Les Paul┬áStandard are regarded by many to be among some of the best! Great quality, fantastic pickups: Burstbucker Pro, great old-school looking tuners and pots etc… She has got an amazing top, great […]

2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Burst (SOLD)

SOLD From a well-sought after (newer) era, before Gibson started playing with the pots and produced the overcomplicated electronics (I’ve got a brand new 2014 LP Standard and I bloody hate the useless, overcomplicated pots, as I never use any coil splitting,it produces a crappy single coil sound, nowhere near to a Strat or Tele…completely […]

2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Cherry Sunburst (SOLD)

SOLD She is a very very attractive guitar! A good-old Gibson LP Traditional. She has all we like in a Gibson Les Paul. Non-chambered body, Classic 57 pickups, extra low action, fat/warm sound, classic colour and an AMAZING FLAME MAPLE TOP. Look at those 3D flames and look at those nice dark flames on the […]

2009 Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 Dot Plain Vintage Sunburst (SOLD)

SOLD Hey-hey-hey, another legendary instrument has just turned up at Rolly’s Guitars. It’s a 335! One of the best and most sought after 335! Full plain, gloss top and back! A fantastic piece of wood! It’s got an amazing one piece mahogany neck, Classic 57 pickups and the most important: IT’S IN COMPLETELY NEW condition! […]

2012 Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 Dot Satin Red (SOLD)

SOLD Probably the most versatile guitar every built. It has so many fantastic tones that fits to almost every possible genre. Jazz, blues, rock…modern rock etc…There are many many great fantastic 335 players. One of my favourite guitar. I’ve got one too. This is in a lovely faded, satin cherry colour, with my favourite white […]

2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Gold Top (SOLD)

SOLD She is a real head turner! She’s got probably the best combination of features: an un-chambered mahogany body, ultra-fast 60s style neck (instead of the usual fat 50s neck on most of the Traditionals), the best looking tuners, Classic 57 pick ups and a BLOODY AMAZING colour! Many guitarists state that the Gold Top […]

2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded (SOLD)

SOLD It is a Standard faded model from 2005 which is in MINT condition! It’s a extremely hard to find guitar, especially this NON-CHAMBERED version! The faded finish helps the guitar resonate, it also feels great to play. Also, you can smell and feel the wood! It’s so cool! The pick-ups are Burstbucker Pros like […]

2011 Gibson SG Standard Aged Cherry (SOLD)

SOLD She is a beautiful 2011 Gibson SG Standard in the rare “Aged Cherry” high-gloss nitro finish. She is in absolute mint condition, not a scratch, ding or dent…The Aged Cherry finish is darker and richer than the usual Cherry finish Gibson uses which gives it that old-school vintage look. This model is widely used […]

2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Heritage Cherry Sunburst (SOLD)

SOLD She is a beautiful, classic Jimmy Page style Gibson Les Paul Standard in one of the most iconic colour: Heritage Cherry Sunburst. Well, she’s got a bit of rock n roll mojo here and there…a few marks, chips, bit of buckle rush but definitely a great sounding and fantastic looking LP…and the most important: […]