2014 Gibson Firebird (SOLD)

SOLD Hey hey, check this out! A legendary rock axe arrived! 2014 Gibson USA Firebird is a reissue of the iconic early ’60s classic. Finished in Vintage Sunburst with a white scratch plate with red firebird logo, black top-hat knobs and black Gibson truss-rod cover. The Firebird was the first Gibson solid body to use […]

1999 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Historic 1957 (R7) Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD Hey Les Paul fans, check this out! You can’t go wrong with a Custom Shop built, 16 years old (it was a very good era, when the Gibson Custom Shop produced much less guitars than nowadays), R7 Les Paul. Unbelievable low and buzz free action on this, not too heavy: 3.9kg which is good […]

2006 Gibson Les Paul Standard Light Burst (SOLD)

SOLD Check this bad boy out! It’s such a lovely example from 2006. This LP Standard has a cool light burst finish, however on the pictures it looks more like a cherry finish, but trust me it’s better than that, the pictures don’t do the justice. It’s in MINT condition! A 9 years old Gibson […]

2009 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Historic 1958 R8 Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD What a guitar! Look at that rosewood fretboard! It’s has the BEST LOOKING ROSEWOOD BOARD what I’ve ever seen, without a shadow of a doubt. And I’ve seen hundreds…I would say it can be a Brazilian Rosewood board as it has all the typical signs of a Brazilian rosewood: the extra colours, the swirls…and […]

2010 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul 1957 Historic Reissue R7 VOS (SOLD)

SOLD This is what I call GIBSON LES PAUL. Everything is heavy, fat and one piece on it 🙂 ONE PIECE mahogany body (Standard and Traditional models have 2 pieces centre joined mahogany body…lot of glue for the centre join), one piece AMAZING rosewood fretboard (it looks 10x better than my 2014 LP Standard Plus), […]

2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

SOLD Here what we have is a ABSOLUTE MINT, 13 years old LP Standard with a gorgeous PREMIUM TOP! So it’s a 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard with features that you won’t get anymore(as the new LP Standards are so bloody overcomplicated): – ONE PIECE MAHOGANY BODY, nowadays this is only available on the Historic […]

2013 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1958 (R8) Historic Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD Here what I have is a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 1958 (R8) Reissue from the Gibson Historic Collection. Probably with the most sought after finish called Iced Tea Burst V.O.S. (Vintage Original Spec) This is the real deal, the BIG DADDY. As it’s certificate says: it’s completely hand built by some of […]

2014 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus Ocean Water Perimeter (SOLD)

SOLD Now we talkin’! Check this bad boy out! I bet you are going to be in serious trouble as soon as you open the case! This Les Paul is breathtakingly beautiful. I jumped two steps back, and said “f@ckin hell” when I opened the case. Really. The colour, the finish are absolute head turner […]

2012 Gibson Custom Shop ES-345 (SOLD)

SOLD This is an amazing guitar. A legendary instrument. A piece of history 🙂 a quite rare,a hard to find semi-hollow body Gibson ES-345. It the big brother of the 335. Same construction, same size, but it looks much fancier and has a very unique varitone switch plus stereo (and mono) output. The double block […]

2010 Gibson Custom Shop ES-335 (SOLD)

SOLD Hey Gibson guitar fans, check this out! It’s a 335. What a legendary guitar and probably the most versatile. This model is used by guitarists in all sorts of genres! Jazz, Blues, Rock…all the sounds, look and vibe there. It’s already started ageing very nicely, it’s getting a bit darker every year. It was […]