Ibanez JS1000 BTB (SOLD)

SOLD This is a JS1000 as used by Joe Satriani. Made in Japan. It has amazing pickups: Dimarzio Paf Pro neck and Dimarzio Fred on the bridge. The tremolo system is the very sought after original Edge Lo Pro Tremolo and it is always in tune. I can’t believe how stable this system is. Well […]

1998 Ibanez AS-200 (SOLD)

SOLD Influenced and loved by John Scofield Put up here is the legendary hollow body Ibanez AS-200. Since its debut in 1980, AS-200 has been John Scofield’s main guitar for more than 20 years. Sturdy build with the highest standards and the best of materials, coupled with the well balanced high/low tones attracted him so […]