2016 PRS McCarty 594 10 Top (SOLD)

SOLD The 594 is the best new guitar I’ve played in years. It has a vintage heart and soul but without the technical limitations that usually come along with an old instrument. What good is an old guitar if you can’t get all that feel out of the upper frets, or the intonation is off? […]

2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

SOLD Hey check this out: it’s a BRAND NEW 2016 LP Standard! I love this sexy Honey Burst finish! What an awesome colour and it really emphasises the unbelievably nice fat flames on the top! She is sweet as honey! The guitar is a NEW guitar! There is not a single mark on it and […]

2013 Gibson 50th Anniversary ES-335 ’63 Historic Reissue VOS (c)

SOLD This is the real deal if you after a ES-335! This Custom Shop 50th Anniversary model is a fantastic specimen. Based on the 63 Reissue model with some amazing upgrades and very special single coil(ish) sounding pick-ups. Check some demos with this by Greg Koch at Wildwood Guitars, this is his favourite ES-335 too. […]

2008 Gibson Les Paul ’59 Historic Reissue VOS (SOLD)

SOLD It’s such a wonderful guitar. A 59 Les Paul Reissue…I don’t think I need to write much about this as it’s such a well-known model. R9 from 2008 and Gibson made a loads of great amendments on 59s in this era: VOS finish with aged hardware introduced, CS begins using Plek machine used for […]

2005 Gibson SG Standard (SOLD)

SOLD I haven’t had one of these in this nice deep Cherry in a while and this one’s a killer player, with some moderate honest flaws on it. Nothing horrible, just some little dings and scratches. Hey it’s a 12 years old rock guitar and the Gibson Custom Shop factory relic’ed version has much more […]

2013 PRS Paul’s Guitar Quilt (SOLD)

SOLD And here is something really special: PRS Paul’s Guitar “Dirty” Artist Quilt Maple Top in Faded Blue Jean… WHAT A GUITAR!!!! This is a trully masterpiece guitar, designed and specified by Paul Reed Smith himself. MR PRS is the “Steve Jobs” of the guitar industry and a fantastic musician who plays this model on […]

2007 Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster NOS (SOLD)

SOLD Guys, take this guitar away from me…I kept this in my personal collection as it’s such an amazing piece. My absolute favourite Strat finish: Fiesta Red + dark rosewood fretboard…mamma mia! Gary Moore, Mark Knopfler, Chris Rea…this beauty reminds me of my heroes! But I’ve got too many guitars…and it needs a new home […]

2004 Fender Custom Shop 1956 Reissue Stratocaster NOS (SOLD)

SOLD Here what we have is a pristine Custom Shop 56 Reissue Stratocaster in two tone sunburst! This is such a classic reissue of a Strat in NOS format in very very near mint, new condition. Absolute zero fret wear, zero playing marks. Premium selected alder body with a maple neck and 9.5 inch radius […]

2016 Fender American Standard Stratocaster (SOLD)

SOLD This beautiful 3 tone sunburst American Standard Strat is the absolute latest model, it’s in BRAND SPANKING NEW CONDITION. It comes with its original hard case and all candy. Wonderful guitar, the setup is PERFECT, wonderful low action, it’s very easy to play. The tremolo stays in tune. Not a bad thing about this. […]

2002 Fender Custom Shop 1960 NOS Reissue Stratocaster (SOLD)

SOLD Well, if you are a Strat fan you’ve got to try one of these! It’s a breath taking 3 tone sunburst CUSTOM SHOP Strat without a shadow of a doubt. These are probably the best Custom Shop models! Early “Time machine series” 15 years (made in 2002) Strat! It’s in all original, very very […]