2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional (SOLD)

SOLD She is a Honey Burst Gibson Les Paul Traditional with a very nice plain top and matching brown, natural mahogany back colour! Even the colour of the binding and the tuners perfectly match this Honey Burst colour! It’s hard to show it on photos but it’s really a beauty as you open the very […]

PRS Custom 24 30th Anniversary LTD (SOLD)

SOLD I think this is the best looking guitar I’ve ever had here. Even a “normal” 30th Anniversary model looks amazing, but this has some fantastic features: – let’s start with the neck, it’s the most beautiful ARTIST GRADE flamed maple neck I’ve ever seen, look at those grains…it’s the pattern regular one – ebony […]

2014 Gibson ES-345 Historic ’59 Reissue VOS TD (SOLD)

SOLD Here comes Mr Big Daddy! The R9 of the ES series! A lot of guitar for the money! A legendary instrument. A piece of history, a quite rare, a hard to find semi-hollow body 1959 Reissue Gibson ES-345. It the big brother of the 335. Same construction, same size, but it looks much fancier […]

2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

SOLD Hey have a look at this Desert Burst 2016 LP Standard! I love this finish! What a cool colour plus it emphasises the nice flames on the top! She is a real beauty she is! This is the 2016 Standard model with the Standard T specs! The quality is second to none, amazing nitro […]

2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

SOLD This is a brand new 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard T electric guitar. It is completely unused, new. The 2017 LP Standard model has brought a few improvements! As Gibson states: the LP Standard is like the Sports Car of the Gibson range. These models represent new technology with a modern body carve and […]

2016 Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster (SOLD)

SOLD Here is a very nice example of the latest model 2016 Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster in original 3 tone Sunburst finish! Plays and sounds great. Light and resonant. P90 style Jazzmaster pickups are warm and full with classic Fender vintage bell tone. Has absolute zero signs of play wear, it’s in NEW CONDITION! Completely […]

2016 Gibson ES-335 ’63 Historic Reissue VOS (SOLD)

SOLD I tell you what: this is the real deal if you after a ES-335! This 2016 Gibson Historic ’63 Reissue ES-335 is a fantastic specimen. Check some demos with this model by Greg Koch at Wildwood Guitars, this is his favourite ES-335 too. He has one of these (same model and colour) and he […]

2012 Fender American Deluxe Ash Telecaster (SOLD)

SOLD This is a beautiful American Deluxe Ash Telecaster (Butterscotch Blonde) from 2012 in completely unplayed, absolute mint condition. It was bought 5 years ago (I’ve got the original receipt – it was bought for £1730 in Peterborough) and it’s been in the case since then…I’ve setup the action, intonation, pick up heights and now […]

2011 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster (SOLD)

SOLD How about an immaculate Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster for less than a brand new American Standard? Is it a good deal? It’s a 3 tone sunburst USA Deluxe Strat in absolute mint condition with its hard case. No dings, dents or buckle rash, zero fret wear. This is the latest (face lifted) model with […]

2012 Fender American Standard Telecaster (SOLD)

SOLD Look at this beautiful TELE! This has a very unique finish called: Jade Pearl Metallic! The USA Standard Telecaster is the benchmark by which other Telecasters are measured, and to make sure that the benchmark is up to date, the Fender Standard Telecaster has undergone a refresh for 2012. Now featuring upgraded pickups, the […]