2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard (SOLD)

SOLD It’s a Gibson Les Paul Standard from 2005. It means that it’s not the over chambered weight relieved guitar than the Les Pauls nowadays. Great sustain, very warm tone, fantastic grain on the dark rosewood fretboard, AA maple top and my favourite Gibson pickups: the Burstbuckers (like in Joe Bonamassa’s guitars). Have a look […]

2012 Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Goldtop (SOLD)

SOLD BRAND SPANKING NEW guitar + starter kit! It was bought for Last Christmas and it has never been played. It hasn’t even been setup or adjusted. All original as it left the factory. No scuffs, marks, chips, dents, it’s in showroom condition. It’s with the brand new condition hard case + case candy. A […]

2001 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Sunburst (SOLD)

SOLD It’s a Sunburst American Deluxe Stratocaster with the very sought after Fender Noiseless Pickups (you can hear these on countless amount of great blues, rock CDs…have a look at the attached video). It was built in 2001. I’ve had approximately 100 different Stratocasters in my life and the sound of this one reminds me […]

2010 Fender American Standard Ash Stratocaster Sienna Sunburst (SOLD)

SOLD This is a Sienna Sunburst American Standard with the premium Swamp Ash body from 2010. It has some typical signs of bedroom usage (little chip behind the bridge and a small scratch on the back) but never been gigged. 9/10 condition. This swamp ash body is so light and resonant. Acoustically probably the best […]

2006 Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe Olympic White Pearl (SOLD)

SOLD Probably the best DEAL on my website at the moment! This is a gorgeous looking Olympic White Pearl American Deluxe Strat from 2006 in BRAND NEW condition! It’s never been gigged, probably never been used at all, as it doesn’t have any scratches or chips…not even any bedroom usage damage. 10/10 condition. It’s got […]

2000 Paul Reed Smith PRS Singlecut (Pre-Lawsuit) (SOLD)

SOLD Every detail on this guitar is very very high quality. It’s like a hand made guitar. PRS instruments are far better built guitars than Fender and Gibson. The feel, the balance, the sound quality of this instrument is just amazing. It’s a nicely dried out, very resonant, warm sounding guitar. This is Mr Paul […]

2006 Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe 60th Anniversary (SOLD)

SOLD Well, well well…it’s another fantastic American Deluxe! This is a 60th Anniversary model. Anniversary models are very good investments! It’s never been gigged, however it has a few micro scratches here and there but it’s in 9/10 condition. It’s got a full pro setup, so the action and sound balance between the pickups are […]

2003 Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe (SOLD)

SOLD It’s a 9 years old guitar but it looks like a brand new one. It’s in fantastic condition, however it has a tiny chip on the body, that I tried to show you guys on some of the pictures, and it’s really hard to spot. So it’s an American Deluxe model, which means it […]

1995 Fender Stratocaster 62 Reissue (SOLD)

SOLD I think the Japanese Reissue series doesn’t need introduction! I know musicians who prefer Japanese Reissue Stratocasters instead of the cheaper American models(Special, Standard, Highway 1 etc…). These are legendary good instuments. The Eighties and early Nineties models are very sought after guitars! This is a real muso’s instrument. Gigged, practiced, and used well! […]

2008 Fender Classic Series 50’s Stratocaster (SOLD)

SOLD This is a brand new instrument! It still has the protection cover vinyl on the scratchboard. It comes with a pro hard case! Nice Fiesta Red colour. Bit of Hank Marvin, Shadows feeling. Body is made of alder. Fender Vintage Style Single-Coil Strat pickups. One piece maple neck. I’m sure the new owner won’t […]