Matchless Independence 35 + Matchless 2×12 cabinet

This is an ultra rare, very cool Matchless rig! This brand is the daddy of the boutique guitar amp market. This small American company always build their amps with the absolute highest specs! These are real point-to-point amplifiers, they use the best sounding, military grades components. This is a 3 channel EL34 based head. It’s […]

2017 Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Stratocaster Lush Closet Classic

Look at that amazing finish: Firemist Gold with very very light (lush) closet classic ageing…For me this was the first thing I’ve noticed when I opened the case! This is the latest magic from Fender Custom Shop! A new ageing process that makes the guitar a bit older looking but there’s nothing dramatic here. Just […]