2018 Taylor 916ce

This is the most beautiful and prestigious Electro-Acoustic guitar that I’ve ever seen! A Grand Symphony size top of the range Taylor… A really special guitar this is, a lot of guitar for your money…a lot of rosewood, ebony, spruce and mother-of-pearl…and serious amount of hand craftsmanship went into this. Check all the details on […]

Mesa Boogie Fillmore 50 half stack

The latest Mesa Boogie masterpiece! What a great amp this is! It’s a Mark 1 reincarnation. It’s a vintage sounding amplifier with an ultra transparent effects loop and valve driven reverb. It sounds, looks and most importantly feels great!!! Check my demo videos with it:https://youtu.be/k_1mtq9q3zwhttps://youtu.be/kRHPk_6RY3Ahttps://youtu.be/v6r99HchTOs It has 2 completely independent channel, so it’s very versatile! […]

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo 100

Here comes another amp that needs no introduction. This amp defined and still defines the sound of modern / heavy rock music however it’s much more versatile than you think! It has a beautiful clean channel with a massive headroom and great feel due to it’s valve rectification! It’s an absolute Fender Super Reverb quality […]

Fibenare Basic Jazz

If you like to think “outside the box”…if you appreciate truly hand made products and old school manufacturing…then you should pop in to my studio and try these Fibenare guitars! Even the hard case is hand made and manufactured by the guys at Fibenare! CHECK MY DEMO VIDEO WITH IT HERE:https://youtu.be/v6r99HchTOs This one is something […]