Fender ’59 Bassman Limited Edition Tweed (SOLD)

What a legendary amp! I’m sure you know this 🙂 it’s 45W of pure, vintage, clean and punchy guitar sound champion! 4×10 Jensen Alnico speakers…very adult 6L6 tubes, valve rectifier (unlike the Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb so this has a warmer sound)


It’s not as heavy as Fender Twin, has an extremely wide stage coverage (it fills the room amazingly), cuts through the mix like hell and the most important is how it handles pedals: perfectly! I’ve got all sorts of overdrives and digital delays effects on my board and this is a perfect pedal platform!

This is in very nice, looked after, unplayed condition! Just check the pictures (my iPhone couldn’t render the grill cloth properly, made it blury believe me, there is no blur on it 🙂 ) There’s no issues at all. No funny noises, no speaker issues, no valve rattling nothing. Also, these are very very bullet and touring proof amps! Nothing to worry about.

I think £900 is a great price for this iconic amp, in this MINT CONDITION that can be the center piece of any amp collection, or a killer amp to take on tour…
(the new price is at least £1600 at the big stores and they sell the second hand ones for around £1150) SOLD