Fender ’65 Reissue Twin Reverb Limited Edition (SOLD)

A piece of history, industry standard clean sound and a valve driven reverb to die for! This is the Black Face Fender Twin Reverb, also a limited edition (FSR = Factory special run) model as the sticker shows it on the back panel.

Check my demo videos with this beauty! The guitars on these videos are still for sale:

Many people in many geeky Fender forums state that these were the best reissue amps that Fender ever built. Well, I’ve just had some of the very recent models of the ’65 and ’68 Fender Deluxe and Twin Reverbs and I can confirm that those were much more noisy than this.
This amp is so quite you can’t tell if it’s turned on or not! Seriously! When I turned the newer version of these on they produced a quite significant white noise immediately.

These amps are so fast and punchy, it cuts through the mix with its warm, always beautiful clean tone which makes it the most popular pedal platform for pro musicians!

The amp is in fully working order, sounds bloody amazing, not a sign of any bad valves or pots etc…the reverb sounds like no other reverb on this planet.

It comes with it’s foot switch and a pro quality flight case (worth about £150)

It’s a collectible piece of kit as it’s a rare limited edition model in all original, nice and clean condition.

It can be an amp for life for £950. SOLD