Fender ’68 Custom Twin Reverb (SOLD)

A real classic, industry standard amp that needs no introduction! Countless Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk or Rock records were recorded and performed with these! This beauty delivers very authentic, clean Fender tones.

CHECK MY VIDEO WITH IT: https://youtu.be/Bv09sSgvBSE

The ’68 Custom Twin Reverb features two newly designed 12″ Celestion V-type speakers (these new speakers have an interesting blend of the best tonal qualities of Vintage 30, Greenback and Creamback speakers). It has reverb and tremolo on both the ‘Custom’ and ‘Vintage’ channels. This amplifier delivers huge, room-shaking, bass-lathered cleans!

New CUSTOM features on these models are: shared reverb and tremolo on both channels, “Vintage” channel for traditional silverface tonality, modified “Custom” channel with Bassman tone stack, reduced negative feedback for greater touch sensitivity, hand-wired tube sockets, custom-made Schumacher transformers (like the originals), genuine Fender tube-driven spring reverb, genuine Fender tube-driven tremolo (“vibrato”), 1968-style Silverface aluminum trim around silver-turquoise grille cloth…

This is in very near MINT condition! It’s a very looked after, home used amp! It’s all original, valves are all original the whole thing still SMELLS NEW! It comes with its footswitch and manual.

This model sells new for £1400++ Get this all original, ULTRA CLEAN example for just £900. SOLD