Fender Deluxe Reverb 65 Reissue Tweed Limited Edition (SOLD)

This Amp is billed by Fender as “The Club Master…For Rock, Country or Blues players that want a lower Wattage amp they can turn all the way up, and dig down deep into the power amp”.

I must confess that I am a fan of Blackface era Fender amps. I love the look as well as the tone. The carefully reproduced cosmetics of this amp are astonishing. This is a limited edition version with a nice lacquered tweed finish! It has a Jensen special design speaker! 

The tone the amp produces is simply wonderful. The clean sound doesn’t colour the tone of the guitar, it allows the guitar to speak in it’s own unique voice. Very punchy, very articulate. Tons of low end and presence!


It’s in wonderful condition, ABSOLUTE MINT. Just check the pictures (my iPhone couldn’t render the grill cloth properly, made it blury believe me, there is no blur on it 🙂 ) There’s no issues at all. 

The 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissues carried a retail price of £1400++, but this one is a MINT example, a Limited Edition model, I think this is the coolest, most sought after finish: lacquered tweed! It sounds amazing and a killer deal for just £1150. It comes with its foot switch (for the tremolo) SOLD