Ibanez JS1000 BTB (SOLD)

This is a JS1000 as used by Joe Satriani. Made in Japan. It has amazing pickups: Dimarzio Paf Pro neck and Dimarzio Fred on the bridge. The tremolo system is the very sought after original Edge Lo Pro Tremolo and it is always in tune. I can’t believe how stable this system is. Well the guitar that was used by Joe Satriani on his tours and recordings must be bloody good 🙂 he is an absolut tone freak and maximalist.

The colour is Burnt transparent blue, and it’s in very well looked after condition, with spotless setup. There are some micro dings and signs of wear on the body but it looks and sounds EXCELLENT.

Comes with its original Ibanez Hardcase and Whammy bar, strap etc.

It’s a Made in Japan, Satriani model so I think £750 is a good price for it.