Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker 2×12 Combo (SOLD)

Here comes Mr Big Daddy 🙂 look at this bad boy! A piece of rock/blues history! A Marshall BluesBreaker amp! According to the most widely accepted story, Eric Clapton wanted an amp that would fit in the boot of his car, so he asked Jim Marshall (whose store in London he frequented) to make him a combo amp powerful enough to use on stage. According to Robb Lawrence’s The Early Years of the Les Paul Legacy, Jim Marshall initially gave Clapton a Model 1961 with 4×10″ speakers, which was soon replaced with a 2×12″ Model 1962. Clapton used the combo amplifier with his 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard, allegedly in combination with a Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, which resulted in the creation of a texture of sound that would become regarded as iconic in the realm of blues oriented rock.

This has such a vintage, classic tone! It produces a gutsy bass and vibrant top, coupled with an overall natural warmth. Very responsive and takes pedals amazingly!

This is in ABSOLUTE MINT CONDITION! Just look at the pictures, it’s got such a presence 🙂 what a legendary amp. No issues what so ever, it’s like a new amp.

Killer amp for £950. The new price is £1500++…this is ABSOLUTELY MINT so GRAB A BARGAIN!! Includes a thick soft case. SOLD