Marshall JTM-45 + Marshall 2061CX Handwired 2×12 Cabinet + Palmer PDI06 MkII attenuator (SOLD)

What an absolute industry standard half stack this is! An absolute hassle-free, plug-and-play and built like a tank amplifier this is. Legendary sound. t’s very hard to dial a bad tone in to it! Check some Youtube videos and try to find a bad sounding one 🙂

The handwired 2061CX cabinet is the most popular and definitely the best sounding cabinet from the current Marshall range. It looks amazing and not too heavy. I don’t think you can find a better sounding 2×12 cabinet.

This complete half stack with the Palmer attenuator is completely NEW CONDITION. These are only a few months old. Obviously everything works as clock work, no issues, no damages or any modifications.

You’ll see these at UK’s major online retailers all together for £1800++ but you can have this complete package in PERFECT, NEW condition for £1500. SOLD