Mesa Boogie Mark V + Mesa Boogie 1×12 Cabinet (SOLD)

This was my own personal amp for a while and I loved every bits of it. However my new music project needed a more specific amp (a Mesa Boogie King Snake) and unfortunately I can’t afford to keep both of them…I always look after my gear, these are my babies. So the head was always carried in its built-like-a-tank flight case. It also has been serviced and has original Mesa power and preamp valves. No issues at all. It sounds bloody amazing. I could nail all the sounds I needed easily. I didn’t even use its foot switch as I used my Fractal device for switching channels so that is clean as well. Check the pictures and my demo videos:

Now this is a lot of gear for the money! A very professional package in great, well-looked after condition! The amp, the cab, the soft and hard case are very serious quality and all are in nice condition!

It’s a real boutique amp: the very famous and sought after “full-fat” Mark V. Hand built in USA. It’s loaded with the most famous Boogie tones: Mark I, Mark IIc+ and Mark IV… plus Fender Tweed and Lonestar clean, Vox AC30 style crunch, Marshall plexi style crunch and Mesa Recto metal tones. And really: all of these sound better than the original amps! John Petrucci compared to his original Mark IIc+(worth about £5K and the Mark V sounds better)…everything is switchable, tweak-able.

This amp goes for more than £3K+ at the cheapest online store, the Mesa cab is at least £550 and the flight case is worth at least £150…however, you can have this amazing, very professional rig for £2000 SOLD