Morgan AC40 Deluxe (SOLD)

Amplifier master builder Joe Morgan designed this amp to improve the AC30 and if you try this you realise he did an amazing job…so it’s based on the famous AC30 (class A, 4xEL84, no negative feedback, alnico speaker…) but it’s just seriously better and more useable.

So it’s voiced warmer with beautiful extra low end, it’s got probably the best alnico speaker available at the moment: a 12 inch Celestion Alnico Gold…this alone worth a lot of money and sounds like it…this is won’t break your back when you have to lug it, and it’s sounds amazing on bedroom level…actually it sounds and feels exactly the same in low level as completely cranked due to its power soak feature. This Power Scaling feature is a very musical way to tame sound pressure levels—and it does not suck tone—but the cool interaction between preamp, power amp, and speaker cab really happens when this rig is pumping some air and breathing some fire. It’s also got an EF86 preamp valve which gives an extra tonal option (more mid-range bite, more overdrive)

This amp is a winner. It looks great, it’s portable, easy to use, and would sound amazing for a huge variety of styles. I think this is the best AC30 style amp on the market.

This is not a cheap amp, it’s a handmade American amplifier, built by a well respected boutique amp manufacturer…but it’s worth every penny.
Offered in ABSOLUTE MINT, SPOT ON condition, no issues at all. Yours for just £1500. SOLD

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AC40 Deluxe
GBP 1500
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