2010 Gibson Custom Shop ES-345


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This is an amazing guitar. A legendary instrument. A piece of history 🙂 a quite rare,a hard to find semi-hollow body Gibson Custom Shop (!!!) ES-345. It the big brother of the 335. Same construction, same size, but it looks much fancier and has a very unique Varitone switch plus stereo and mono outputs.


The split parallelogram inlays are very exclusive, a 335 guitar costs about £500 more if you buy the “block” version and this one has the much nicer split parallelogram inlays! The extra vintage looking buttons and the gold hardware turn this beauty to a very elegant, exclusive instrument!

It was made in 2010 by the Gibson Custom Shop, it comes with its Gibson Custom Shop certificate and the original BB King hard case. This is a fantastic investment: an already 10 years old ES-345 in this ALL ORIGINAL, MINT condition!

This is the most sought after colour and it’s very hard to find one on the second hand market. Especially in this VERY VERY NEAR MINT condition!

Well, the sound is killer. Warm, jazzy, mellow but it sounds wicked overdriven too! I don’t know how the hell did they design this at Gibson but it sounds ACE in almost every genres.

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