Some graphs and “larger” numbers

I’m so sad about the permanent damage that the COVID-19 pandemic caused in the big majority of people’s brain who never had the virus.

Permanent and serious damage. Incurable. No, they have never caught Covid-19. They just got some information, some “larger” numbers that they can’t really analyse, understand and “digest” properly and it caused some serious incurable sickness in their brain: fear. It’s not going to go away. Unfortunately the majority of people has this “virus”.

So we won’t get our life back unfortunately. It’s gone. We are going to live in an even more segregated, scared, limited, brainwashed “zombie” society. There will be even less personal connections and interactions than before and it had already been on “zombie” level before this pandemic.

This is a much bigger threat than Covid-19: massive lifestyle, economic and cultural change can be achieved by showing some graphs and “larger” numbers…

Those numbers that they scared the majority of people with are ultra low if we put them in context. If you don’t believe me, please do the maths! If you don’t do the maths you are part of the problem, and you’ve been infected seriously.

I’m not a denier. Covid-19 and the pandemic exist. It’s not a question. But the numbers are low if you put them in context. Check them out.