Taylor K22ce (SOLD)

An absolute breathtaking acoustic guitar. A top of the range Taylor! In VERY NEAR MINT condition! There are 2 very small unnoticeable marks on the back! It’s hardly ever played. The previous owner bought it for £4,900 and it’s nearly in the same condition…

Hawaiian koa’s captivating beauty is matched by a tone that blossoms over time, especially in the midrange. Its voice is bright and focused, with warm overtones (actually it produces the most overtones that I’ve ever heard from an acoustic guitar) that slowly emerge, adding sweetness and depth. Premium all-wood appointments, led by the Island Vine fretboard inlay, celebrate the wood’s natural appeal.

These are fantastic guitars. They are excellent for recording and performing. It’s a wonderful guitar both in looks and tone. It a has a beautiful sweet warmth. It’s very balanced. Koa is becoming more and more rare, and more expensive…

Just check my website: I love Taylor guitars, I’ve had many, but definitely this K22 is my favourite Taylor!

New cost is £4500 but get this VERY NEAR MINT guitar for £2900. SOLD