Two Rock Sensor 50 (SOLD)

If you after a high headroom, John Mayer style amazing Dumble / Fender clean tone with the best FX loop on the market than this is your amp! Two Rock is a real Californian boutique amp maker and this is their take on a cascading gain stage amp design!  This is the higher powered model (their is a 22w, 35w version) and it has a pair of 6L6s so it’s got amazing high headroom, right valves (tubes) for the typical American clean and very juicy overdrive sound. It’s also a fantastic pedal platform!

This is in ABSOLUTE MINT condition, not a mark on it, not even on the bottom or the back of the amp. 


It has a dual 6L6 power section, two channels, full EQ with pull treble/mid/bass, channel-independent contour controls, plus a robust expansion feature. The expansion feature is fully controllable for a wide range of additional gain. When engaged, it takes the EQ out and makes it like an amp set all to 10, but at any volume level. The tone contour controls are still active when the expansion is engaged, so you have further control of your tone.

You get classic Two-Rock cleans to mild breakup to light overdrive sounds on channel 1. Nothing short of the iconic clean/cleanish tones Two-Rock is known for. Channel 2 offers a wide range of gain, and the gain available is substantial. With the expansion feature engaged, you get even more gain; more than you’ll probably ever need, but quality gain that has depth, dimension, and definition.

A major aspect of this amps design is the FX loop which is stellar. It’s made for players who want more versatility for lead playing and heavier riffing, but also who like to use effects. You can set the loop for serial or parallel to accommodate your pedalboard. There are send/return level controls that can also be used like a 2nd master volume to attenuate the overall volume, so you can get that sweet spot at any volume level. An very versatile amp, and real quality tone. See Two-Rocks website for more info.

Why pay £3k+ for a new one when this one is available in absolute mint condition with zero flaws, zero issues for way less? All for £1200! SOLD