2011 Martin Custom Shop HD-28



Even a “normal” Martin HD28 is a fantastic top of the range acoustic guitar but this is made by the Martin Custom Shop with upgraded even more carefully selected woods. The biggest upgrade from a “normal” HD28 is the adirondack spruce top. So these models have the scalloped bracing so the bass response is a bit tighter and more focussed than the D28 guitars. Also the top-end presence is nicer, mellower. Check my demo video with the D28 that I have and you can clearly hear the difference!

It really does play like butter (very low, fast action, no buzzing) and the sound is so nicely “opened up” as it’s 13 years old guitar.

This has been played, so it’s not in mint condition but there’s zero defects, breaks or repairs. All original with some honest playing marks (hence the price). Nothing dramatic. Please check the photos and videos.

It comes with its original Martin hard case and Custom Shop certificate (please check the photos). If this guitar was in mint condition like most of my instruments this would go for at least £1K more…so here you go, you can save a lot on this very very rare and unique Martin if you don’t mind some playing marks!


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