2004 Fender American Standard Precision Bass (SOLD)


You can’t go wrong with a beautiful Fender USA Standard Precision Bass especially if it’s 10 years old and it’s in unmolested, unplayed, original condition…

Here is an industry standard Bass guitar, a legendary instrument, a Fender USA Standard Precision Bass in the most sought after colour and maple fretboard. It’s been on the market from the 1950s…what a cool instrument! Ask John Deacon or Sting…You can hear the sound of these guitars on countless amount of famous songs.

This is the real deal! The USA Standard model, don’t mix it with the low-cost version, cheaper Highway 1, California Series or American Special series…this is the real big daddy!

Comes with the original hard case with everything still present.
Has a beautiful finish and a smooth lacquered maple neck and fretboard. With strings through the body and S1 switch on volume knob. Has been restrung with roundwound Rotosound strings.

This one is 10 years old but it looks like a new guitar in a guitar shop. It’s got some micro scratches but it’s in better condition then most of the guitars in a showroom…Seriously, it doesn’t have any noticeable marks, dents or buckle rush on it. It’s a collectable guitar in original, unmolested and unplayed condition.

It comes with its original hard case.

RRP of this starts at £1100.
My price is: £800