2009 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass Sunburst (SOLD)

She is an extra sexy Fender Jazz Bass 4 string Standard USA. She has a few minor dents and scratches, nothing fake like the custom shop relic and road-worn series, all these are authentic wear and tear from professional usage. She has been upgraded with the industry standard Seymour Duncan Bassline pick ups . Pickups had been professionally fitted and she just got a pro setup! This work costed £250 (pickups + fitting + setup) Now it’s so easy and effortless to play, an absolutely pro quality instrument for the player. Original pickups are included in the sale too. I also have all the paperwork, cloths and alan keys with her.

She comes with her built like a tank, new modern Fender hardcase, the only majorish thing is that one of the centre case locks came off but it’s easy to fix it back on near to original state. The case is working perfectly with 2 locks only.

A new one in sunburst lists at £1300 but this one is a real beauty, with pro upgrades for just £800. SOLD