2011 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass (SOLD)

Here comes an industry standard bass guitar! You simply can’t go wrong with an USA Standard Fender Jazz Bass! Especially in the most sought after sunburst colour with a nice tortoise scratch plate. Don’t mix this with the cheaper American Series or Highway 1 range. This is the big daddy: the USA Standard model. This is probably my favourite Fender guitar look: Sunburst with dark rosewood fingerboard!

It’s in completely UNMOLESTED, NEAR MINT condition (has some hairline scratches on the bottom edge, that’s all. No chips, dings, dents or buckle rush. 9.5/10 condition) Don’t worry about these, it’s a very well looked after guitar that looks, plays/feels great (very low buzz free action) and it’s got THE JAZZ BASS sound. The hard case is in excellent condition and it’s the new, modern built like a tank Fender case. It comes with the trustrod adjusment tool, and a good quality Fender cable.

Today they sell at £1200+++. This is in great original unmolested condition, plays great, and it’s much cheaper at £850 SOLD