John from Northampton

“I’ve been a follower of Rolly’s page for a while now. When I saw that he was selling a gorgeous looking reissue SG Standard, that I’ve been after for years, I got in touch as soon as I could, knowing that this type of guitar wouldn’t stay around for long.
It was simple to arrange a viewing, as I’m only 40 mins away, and his shop is easy to get to and to park. Having played it through his wonderful pedal board and Mesa amp it was a no brainer for me to take it off of his hands.
What impressed me most is that Rolly is an honest, genuine and friendly guy with a shared loved of quality guitars. The description for the SG on his site was perfectly accurate; he didn’t try any hard sell, he had quality gear for me to demo it though – even offered me a glass of wine! Wouldn’t get that at PMT. Add to that it was a very fair price for an instrument that will only increase in value, you can’t ask for more really.
So thank you Rolly – good luck and I’ll no doubt be in touch!”
John is a great rock guitarist, check his band here: