Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo 100 (SOLD)

Here comes another amp that needs no introduction. This amp defined and still defines the sound of modern / heavy rock music however it’s much more versatile than you think! It has a beautiful clean channel with a massive headroom and great feel due to it’s valve rectification! It’s an absolute Fender Super Reverb quality clean channel! Than it has a serious crunch channel with 3 modes (Raw, Vintage and Modern) all sound just great. Plus there’s a third channel with 3 modes (Raw, Vintage and Modern)…everything is tweakable and very heavy duty! Seriously! All the knobs, switches and the whole built is just second to none! This can survive serious world tours easily!

It’s in absolutely fantastic condition due to being flight cased from the off.
No issues at all. Everything works as it should.

You can have this very clean example for £800 and I’m sure you know this is a STEAL for this much, it’s a 100W all valve, handmade in California amp… SOLD